About Us

Marissa Adams is a blogger since 2010. She started the blog to document her everyday life with her newborn daughter then, Danielle. She wanted to keep an online journal to remember and keep record of Danielle’s milestones.

Prior to motherhood, Marissa worked as a writer and thought blogging is a way to keep her creative juices flowing and at the same time being able to do something for her baby.

However, as life has it through the years, the once simple online diary documenting her daughter’s moments has grown as Marissa found that blogging is indeed a passion of hers. She discovered different facets of blogging and learned the ropes.

Her blog evolved to other interests such as content creation advertising, and online marketing. She has launched this blog to help out fellow businesses and online marketers find their space in the internet.

Today, she still blogs about Danielle from time to time, such a precocious young lady who also has a younger brother now named, Oliver.

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